Mechanical Handling & Pipework

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hydraulic ram mounts

expert metal handling

We are specialists in the design, fabricaton and installation of all types of mechanical pipework. We offer a range of services to suit commercial and industrial sites and are able to guide you to ensure you have the correct components, brackets and hangers so that costs are kept to the minimum.

We have the capability to cater to large scale projects as well as one off pipework needs. We can weld steel, staineless steel and carbon using equipment onsite.

J&M were on hand to help us deliver this project as we wanted it to be done.
— Client Testimonial
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Pipework project management

Our approach is to keep the customer informed at each stage of the project with documented and quality checked updates. This allows for seamless project management. We are reliable and have extensive experience allowing us to deliver the highest quality handling and pipework. If you are not sure about your requirements, we can talk you through your options.