General Engineering Projects

umbilical cable holders for off shore wind farm, fabricated on site..jpg

a complete engineering service

Our previous customers have benefited from our wide ranging engineering and manufacturing experience. We have completed projects ranging from large off shore marine installations to small intricate jobs. We relish the opportunity to become involved in a variety of different projects. We are confident that with our systematic approach and high tech machinery that we are able to take on the project that you require.

Experienced team that delivered what we needed.
— Client Testimonial
64 tonne generator baseplate
Offshore equipment lifting bollard supplied proof load tested

Engineering project management

Our dedication to providing seamless engineering project management marks us out from our competition, We offer on the job updates that are quality checked and traceable. We can give our customers the assurances and peace of mind they are looking for through our transparent appraoch. We deliver from the start to the end, meeting with you to discuss your needs, assuring you are happy throughout the process and delivering the product on time.